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Get Featured and "As Seen On" 250+ Top Media Sites In Just 5 Days – Guaranteed!

Effortlessly Build Trust and Credibility for Your Brand. Rank Higher on Google.

Getting "As Seen On ABC, FOX, NBC, CBS" will boost your conversion rates & social proof instantly.

Get “As Seen On Yahoo Finance, Business Insider, ABC, FOX, NBC, CBS” & more!

Get Featured and "As Seen On" 250+ Top Media Sites In Just 5 Days – Guaranteed!

Effortlessly Build Trust and Credibility for Your Brand. Rank Higher on Google.

Getting "As Seen On ABC, FOX, NBC, CBS" will boost your conversion rates & social proof instantly.

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Why You Need Our Press Releases

Major Problems:

  • Lack of Trust Online

  • Limited Brand Visibility

  • Uncontrolled Narrative

  •  Low Google Rankings

  • Little Traffic & Sales

What You Deserve

  •  Enhanced Credibility

  •  Massive Exposure

  • Positive Online Narrative

  •  1st Page On Google

  • Increase in Traffic & Sales


Boost Visibility

Press releases help increase a company's visibility among consumers, investors, and other stakeholders.

Media Attraction

They can capture the interest of journalists and editors, leading to further media coverage that amplifies the original message.

SEO Enhancement

Distributing press releases online can improve a company’s search engine ranking through keywords and backlinks.

Cost-Effective Marketing

They are a cost-effective marketing tool for reaching a broad audience compared to other advertising methods.

Authority Building

Regular, strategic press releases solidify a company's credibility and authority within its industry, substantially boosting reputation.

Control Over Information

Press releases enable companies to control the narrative and ensure accurate messaging.


Boost Credibility

The press releases get published on 250+ sites including major media sites that highlight and boost your already existing credibility and authority.

Increase Trustworthiness

We’ll give you a folder of the logos to put the As Seen On on your website, branding, and social media

Rank Higher On Google

The articles help you rank higher on Google and push down your competition & unfavorable/old sites

Control Your Narrative

By controlling your narrative YOU choose what other people think about you and not the other way around

Improve SEO 

By getting hundreds of backlinks to your site you can get a Google knowledge graph and verification on social media

More Conversions

By establishing yourself as the credible expert in your niche, you can get more traffic & conversions without additional effort

Here's How It Works

We’ll write and publish an awesome story about you on more than 250 news sites to get you massive exposure. All you have to do is fill out a short form and we’ll do the rest!

Writing Your Press Release

Our professional writers write your dream article that promotes your brand and showcases your expertise.

Publishing Your Press Release

We publish your story on 250+ news sites including major media sites to get you tremendous exposure.

Well-Deserved Recognition

You get a huge boost in credibility and visibility. We also give you a report that contains your backlinks, logos, and the “as seen on” trust logos.

Here’s How It Works

We improve your brand’s exposure by writing and publishing a news story on over 200 news sites. Our skilled team can write about any topic!

STEP 1: Writing

Our expert team of human writers craft the perfect news story to promote your brand.

STEP 2: Publishing

We then publish your news story on influential news sites to generate brand interest.

STEP 3: Get Results

You'll get a full report with links and "as seen on" trust badge. Enjoy the exposure and interest.

Yes. It’s really that simple and easy.

So why don’t you give it a try?

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Why we’re different from other PR companies

1. All about you

Most PR companies can only get you quoted in an article. While that allows you to display that you were “seen on” credible sites, the article is really not about you. (Sometimes even a bunch of other people get quoted in the same article.)

However, we’ll get you published in 5 days guaranteed for a few hundred bucks. And we make it all about you. This ensures you receive as much personalized exposure and enhanced credibility as possible.

2. We work fast - real fast

We work faster than most PR companies. We can get you published in as little as 5 business days. That means you can order on Monday and we’ll get you published by Friday. It’s that fast and easy.

3. We’re affordable

A lot of PR companies work with cheap newswires and charge huge margins. We think this absolutely not the right way to help people. Everyone should get their brand boosted at an affordable price.

That’s why we offer the best deals, cheaper! We are able to do that because we have good relationships with the top newswires and we buy in bulk directly from them. On top of these, a free 400-word writing is included in every package with unlimited revisions. (Can it get any better than this?!)

About Us

Get Featured

Get Featured is a press release writing and distributing company based in Los Angeles. We help brands get featured on major media sites to get you the credibility and recognition you deserve. We started by creating press releases for our businesses and marketing agency clients.

But when we saw how much these helped with credibility and SEO we decided to offer these services to help other people as well. We work directly with only the top newswires. Because we have a good relationship with them and we buy in bulk, we’re able to save money and offer the best and most affordable deals.


What Our Customers Say

Get Featured has been the best to work with regarding editing and distributing my press release. Absolutely 5 stars!

- Sarah

Such a pleasure. to work with, and will definitely cooperate again. If you want to get results, work with Get Featured!! 5 Stars!!!

- Aly

Fantastic work as usual. Both press release creation and Yahoo Finance distribution. For a truly unmatchable and affordable price.

- Henry

Get Featured is the BEST!! They are super friendly, professional, and very skilled. Went above and beyond to help with our press release. They provide TOP-NOTCH phenomenal customer service!

- JT


Choose your plan


Major Media Sites

  • 250 + sites

  • 16 mil minimum total potential reach

  • Industry and location related sites

  • 5 day delivery

  • Sample Report

Today just


$150 USD


Plus Yahoo Finance!

Today just


$350 USD


Business Insider Deal

  • 375+ sites

  • 19 mil minimum total potential reach

  • Industry and location related sites

  • 5 day delivery

  • Includes package 1, 2 and

    Business Insider!

  • Sample Report

Today just


$400 USD


Maximum SEO Power

  • 500+ sites

  • 52.4 mil minimum total potential reach

  • Best for SEO

  • PR Web & Marketwatch

  • 1 FREE Writing Service Variation Included for maximum SEO power

  • 5 day delivery

  • Includes all 3 packages plus PR Web & Marketwatch

  • Sample report

Today just


$650 USD

Add On Professional Press Release Writing Service

Add on professionally written press release writing from our team of writers to maximize your SEO, write your press release in a way that will get the most coverage, readers, and conversions.

Today Just


$80 USD

Recommended by Business Owners

We are proudly recommended by hundreds of our clients around the world. See what they said about us below.

Case Studies with Proven Results

We've delivered results to thousands of clients around the globe. Here are some of their success stories.

Pinnacle Media Case Study

Boost in leads and clients

How we helped Pinnacle Media enhance their credibility and expand their outreach.

Affiliate Bay Case Study

48% Increase in conversions

How we helped AffiliateBay increase their conversion rate.


Perfect For All Types Of Businesses and Organizations



Real Estate




Non Profit


Sensitive Topics




Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Get Featured for Press Release Distribution?

Get Featured simplifies the process of getting your news stories published on top-tier news sites. With access to an extensive network of influential platforms, Get Featured makes it easy and affordable to reach these typically elusive and costly outlets.

Our team of expert writers creates SEO-optimized content that highlights your brand and draws a wider audience. Get Featured guarantees a quick and seamless publishing experience, supported by a dedicated team, all at a competitive price.

How long does the service take?

The typical turnaround time for most clients is around 5 business days, though this may vary based on the selected writing and publishing packages.

For our Publishing Packages, the process generally takes about 5 business days from the order placement to the delivery of your comprehensive report.

Please note that if the submitted news story does not meet our writing standards, there might be some delays.

We also offer Publishing Add-ons, which may extend the processing time by an additional 1-4 business days, depending on the specific add-on chosen.

Do the press releases stay live forever?

No site can guarantee hosting your press release forever. The nature of press releases is that they are NEWS articles, and news gets old. Some sites will keep your PR up for over 24 months, some just 3 months depending on the site.

For best SEO results, you can order a new PR every month or more often.

What do you need to write the press release?

After you submit your order, there will be a short form for you to fill out asking you some information about your brand such as:

-A link to your website or social media

-Your brand's contact details

-Preferred topic/keywords

-Images or Video

What are the news sites I will be published in?

It depends on the package. We can get you on local affiliated ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX sites, AP News, Yahoo Finance, Digital Journal, Business Insider, PR Web, Marketwatch, and more. Please see the sample reports in the pricing table.

Is it guaranteed my press release will get distributed?

Yes, we offer unlimited revisions on our writing service to make sure that you get approved. If your PR still does not get approved, we have other special distribution packages that can approve it. If still not approved, we will refund you in full.

Do you distribute sensitive topics?

Yes we do packages that can distribute some sensitive topics. You can send us a message in the live chat box if you are not sure.

Do I approve the release before its published?

Yes we will send you a draft to review. You can leave feedback and get unlimited revisions until you are happy.


Money Back Guarantee

If we can’t get your news story published we’ll give you a full refund. 

So what do you have to lose? Give it a try and see the results for yourself!

It’s time to make your brand more known and trusted!

The best way to make your brand more visible and credible is with a press release. Start getting real attention for your brand, boost your SEO, and increase your social proof!

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Designed by 🤍 KuanKeiChoong

Designed by 🤍 KuanKeiChoong. Copyright © 2024 Get Featured. All Rights Reserved.