History of the Podcast

Although the term “podcast” is still fairly new, the general idea has been around for quite a while. Before the early 2000’s the podcast was known as “audioblogging”. While web radio had been active for nearly 10 years, The true Pioneers of Podcasting are Adam Curry and Dave Winer. The two are credited with the […]

Why Podcasts are More Powerful than Blogging

The podcast is a medium rising in popularity that can allow you to interact with your audience/consumers on an intimate and interactive level.. According to researchers podcast listeners dedicate about 6 hours weekly to listening in on shows. By utilizing the podcast entrepreneurs and business owners have the opportunity to reach a wide range of […]

The Magic of Audio and Why You Must Tell a Better Story

Audio is something that is timeless; having the ability to come to a listener in a way that no other medium possibly can. Its enchanting, its magical. Pivotal moments in history came to us through audio, be it Roosevelt’s fireside chats, the fall of the Berlin Wall, the loss of JFK or even Walter Cronkite […]